Entry #10

One Down, Several to Go

2014-05-22 05:57:23 by Vlaireice32989


     All right!  I have just finished the comic strip, "Possessed Much?", that is partly true (in terms of happening in real life) and partly exaggerated.  It's time to continue on with my first animation: Sad Panda Series.  Just like the mentioned comic strip, there is some truth behind each episode.  Hopefully, my drive won't be a scumbag, leaving me behind and letting the animation go unfinished. 'crossing my fingers'...

Major Things to Finish:

  1. Possessed Much! (comic strip) - [DONE!]
  2. Sad Panda Series (animation) - 3 episodes
  3. Soulless Robot (animation) - 1 episode
  4. A Scientist's Life (animation) - 2 episodes
  5. Iris, Not Irish! (animation) - 1 episode


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